Sidewinder Services

Why bring us your vehicle for service & maintenance?

Why let us service & maintain your vehicle?

  • *Licensed Mechanic & Certified Mobility Equipment Technicians to take care of all your service needs. Regular automotive service/repair facilities likely don’t have the knowledge and expertise to work on accessible vehicles, which can lead to misdiagnosis, longer than necessary repair($$$) or cause more problems than exist.
  • *Maintain Warranty: If factory maintenance schedules are not adhered to causing system failure(s), the warranty is nullified & void. All Issues pertaining to neglect are not covered.
  • *Proactive vs. Reactive Maintenance: Many people only have their equipment serviced when something fails. Some feel “if nothing is wrong, it doesn’t need service”. The reason for preventative maintenance is to avoid costly breakdowns. You don’t want to wait until something breaks.
  • “If you see us more for small things, you won’t have to see us much for big things”