Sidewinder Rear Access Vehicle (RAV) Specifications

The Sidewinder Rear Entry Conversion comes with a set of specifications that are standard for the Dodge Caravan.

  • 91” long, 31” wide and up to 56” opening
  • Spring assisted manual non-slip ramp
  • Heavy duty altro non-slip flooring
  • Carpeted side walls
  • Sure Lok Slide N’ Click tie downs
  • Double weather stripping

A bit about the RAV II

In January 2006, construction of the Sidewinder prototype RAV II began in Cambridge Ontario. A longer pan reaching to the mid seats places the occupant in the wheelchair closer to the front of the vehicle without being on as much of an angle. The ability to place two small wheelchair occupants in the same vehicle is an option unavailable for the RAV I. Most importantly, the RAV II conversion can be installed on a Stow and Go Dodge Grand Caravan which was introduced in2005. The RAV I conversion can only be done on a flat floor Dodge Grand Caravan.

After a custom Sidewinder fuel tank and system was installed in the Caravan, it then went under crash testing in November 2006. In January 2007, the first Sidewinder RAV II was underway, and in less then a year over twenty RAV II’s had been sold.

2008 Sidewinder Dodge R.A.V. II

Due to the new chassis introduced in 2008 to the Dodge Grand Caravan, Sidewinder went under the drawing board to replicate the very popular RAV II conversion with a new fuel tank system. Please phone our sales staff, or better yet, stop by anytime at our showroom to have a look around and set up an appointment to test drive one of our new 2008 Dodge RAV II conversions.