Customer Testimonials

Our customers love the mobility they’re able to enjoy when they receive a wheelchair accessible vehicle from Sidewinder Conversions.  Here are just a few stories we’ve received from our customers lately.

Dear Sidewinder:
I want to thank Sidewinder for their amazing service. Everything was so well organized and smooth it made the transaction completely enjoyable. The people were great, they went over the top for us and the van was exactly what we had hoped it to be according to the pictures. I would recommend anyone to Sidewinder Conversions. They really look after you.

Harold Goodwin

Dear Sidewinder:
Allow me to also extend my gratitude to you and the whole Sidewinder team. Over the years I have tried to build my own company around the basic principle of “do unto others”, an objective which is undeniably challenged daily in our business world. Your gesture is therefore doubly gratifying as it not only helped a most deserving couple in need, but was also a much-needed reminder to me that good people and good business can indeed co-exist. It also reminded me that sometimes seemingly small gestures can have a positive ripple-effect far beyond what we realize. Mother Theresa once noted that we should not worry ourselves with doing great things but to take every opportunity to do small things with great love.

I sincerely hope that we remain in contact; if for nothing else, to encourage our respective enterprises to respond, to the extent possible, to those opportunities to do ‘small things. To this end do not hesitate to contact me directly should something arise.

God bless.


Legal President, édifice CONSTRUCTION Inc.

Dear Sidewinder staff:
We have had Sidewinder do all the conversion work on Nicole’s vans. Nicole had two vans in very serious accidents that were replaced by family, insurance and help from MFCD. Sidewinder went well beyond the service delivery that would be expected. Graham, John, David and the other staff were more then helpful and courteous. They were always available and prompt whenever we emailed or called. I would recommend them highly to any one in need of a conversion for their vans.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Graham and the staff for all that they have done for us. This includes the emotional support in knowing that they were there for us in our time of need. Thank you to all of you.

Cathy and Nicole Waddington

To the staff and the owner of Sidewinder,
We wish to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your generosity in loaning our family an adaptive van during our recent stay in the Vancouver area. After several weeks of searching the entire lower main land for an adequate vehicle, we were fortunate enough to come in contact with you. Your kindness enabled us to attend a very special family wedding this summer. Since being diagnosed with ALS four years ago and faced with the ongoing challenge to continue normal daily living, my wife and I strive to surround ourselves with family and friends and benefit fully of the time we can spend in their presence. You have allowed us to enjoy one more of these special moments and reaffirmed our belief that good people and kind gestures can make a world of difference. Thank-you seems somewhat inadequate to express our sincere appreciation.

“Thanks Clint. I am so happy to recommend you to everyone. You are wonderful to work with. All the best to you and your family and everyone at Sidewinder. You guys are the best!”

Henry & Dolores


Thank you so much for all your support in finding a van for Jennah. She has had so much fun this summer going swimming, shopping and just cruising around with her friends, family and caregivers in her new wheels! It’s running great and we have to hide the keys from her step sisters! Hope all is well with you and your dog Tank.

Take care

Jennah and Bev Grondzil, (Yoda our shitzu) Troy, Chelsea and Amber Knutson

Dear Sidewinder:
Well I must say a dream has come true. I can’t believe how more simple my life in our converted van has been. With all the rain we’ve been having, we now have cover while tying our girls in; only taking seconds to do so! The van/suv, I call it a vruck, drives very nicely.

Thank you for all your help and travels to get this van in place for me, it has been money very well spent!

I have been asked by a lot of people where I had my conversion done everywhere I go, so hopefully business will arise for you with all my positive feedback.

Thank you again for all your help, it has been a huge success.

Janice Mulligan

Dear Sidewinder:

Thank you so much for your continued support of BC Paraplegic Association. Your gifts have enabled those living with a spinal cord injury to look forward to a brighter future.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, we reflect upon the differences our supporters, like you, have made in the lives of thousands of people with spinal cord injuries and other physical challenges.

Thank you for your generosity and confidence in our work.

Christopher Clodius

Director of Development, British Columbia Paraplegic Association

A Heartfelt Thank You!
We at Sidewinder got a call from Winnipeg that went along these lines. I have ALS and want to make a trip out to Vancouver for a wedding and then a visit to wonderful Vancouver Island. He had made many calls but could not find a van to rent to make this all happen. While we do not rent vans, his story struck a cord with our group, and we loaned them one at no charge for four days. What wonderful people and we were glad to help.