Wheelchair Vehicle Accessories


With a wide range of stowage lifts, transferring products, assistive driving devices, restraint systems, seating options & custom applications, we can personalize your vehicle to fit your specific mobility needs.

Assistive Driving Devices:

  • Handcontrols
  • Foot Controls
  • Spinner (steering) Knobs
  • Signal Extensions
  • Secondary Controls
  • Shift Assist
  • Turn Signal Extensions
  • Pedal Guards
  • Reduced effort steering/braking

Stowage Lifts:

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Transfer Seats & Boards:

  • Turning Automotive Seating
  • Transfer Boards (with or without power lift)

Wheelchair Restraint Systems:

  • Manual
  • Auto-Retractable
  • Auto-Docking
  • Electric
  • Pulley Assist
  • Occupant Restraints (integrated lap & shoulder belt assemblies)

Seating Options:

  • Flip ‘N Fold (single & 2 person bench seats)
  • Custom Reupholstering
  • Aftermarket Narrow

Custom Applications: For aftermarket upgrades, creative solutions to uncommon problems and tailor fitting to optimize function or your accessible vehicle, please call for consultation.

Navigating the sea of possible mobility solutions can be time consuming, overwhelming and challenging for many. Your specific needs maybe complicated and need to be properly identified (You may not be aware of all the considerations that go into choosing the right mobility solution(s). Consulting with a qualified mobility consultant that specializes in accessible transportation is important to help assess & address all your needs to ensure your greatest satisfaction. Our team of experienced, highly trained mobility experts can evaluate your needs and recommend the best mobility solutions to maximize the function & use value of your accessible vehicle.

Sidewinder Conversions offers a wide variety of conversion accessories necessary to complete your vehicle.  From hand controls and tiedowns to foot controls and lifts, we will make sure your vehicle is outfitted with the options you need.

Different types of optional equipment allow passengers to fully enjoy the Sidewinder experience.  For more information, check out some of the following optional equipment.