Wheelchair Tiedowns

Whether it be Sure-Lok, Q’Straint or EZ Lock, you will be provided with exceptional wheelchair and occupant restraint systems for transporting individuals with special needs.

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Q’Straint Tie Downs                                                                        qstraint2

Q’Straint securement systems have exceeded the dynamic test requirements of both SAE J2249 and ISO 10542 Wheelchair Tie-Downs, and Occupant Restraint System for Use in Motor Vehicles. They have a proven track record of providing safe transport for a wide range of transportable wheelchair and their occupants.

EZ LockEZ-Lock-Logo

Heavy gauge steel construction, and relentless crash sled testing while meeting and exceeding every industry requirement. All part of what makes EZ Lock a true leader in long-lasting durability, and security. Once our base lock is mounted to the vehicle floor, it acts as receiver for the docking pin attached to the wheelchair, making your entry fully automatic, and minimizing the need for precise maneuvering.

BL-6290 Base Lock

The BL-6290 Base Lock is cased in sturdy 3/16” powder coated steel. Locking Jaws are ¼” steel coated with a permanently bonded lubricant. Entry into the lock is mechanical, and release is attained by an electrical pull solenoid. Emergency mechanical release is also incorporated (incase vehicle loses battery power). The base lock is mounted to the vehicle floor and acts as a receiver for the interfacing pin mounted to the wheelchair.

ECU-3 Control Panel

Functions for the ECU-3 Control Panel include a release, alarm buzzer deactivation for unoccupied use, and an array of warning indicators. A green light signifies locking jaws are completely closed and the system is safe to use. The yellow light means locking jaws are not completely closed, and the user should exit, then re-enter base lock. A red light indicates the system has been de-activated, and is for unoccupied use only.

Wheelchair Bracket

The interface bracket is mounted to the wheelchair allowing it to clock into the BL-6290 docking base. The EZ Lock system can accommodate a wide array of wheelchair styles, including both manual and power wheelchairs. Although we provide an interface for most wheelchairs currently on today’s market, it is advisable to check with EZ Lock, or your local adaptive equipment dealer, to ensure we have a system appropriate for your particular wheelchair.

Sure-Lok Tie Downssur-lock

Sidewinder strongly promotes Sure Lok’s manual wheelchair tie downs, and use them in all our manufactured Rear Access conversions, as well as our commercial and travel full size conversions.