Government Funding Options

Government of Canada- Treasury Board

Under the Labor Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities, the Government of Canada contributes funding to provincial programs and services to improve the employment situation of Canadians with disabilities by enhancing their employ-ability, increasing the employment opportunities available to them, and by building on the existing knowledge base.

Government of Canada- Revenue Agency

Medical Expenses- payments to adapt a vehicle (that are prescribed by a medical practitioner) used to transport a person with a disability or payments for a device (as prescribed by a medical practitioner) that enables an individual with a mobility impairment to operate a vehicle;

20% of payments for a van that has been previously adapted, or is adapted upon purchase or within six months of the date of purchase (minus the cost of adapting the van as prescribed by a medical practitioner) to transport an individual who needs the use of a wheelchair, to a limit of $5,000

Canadian Federal Income Tax

Guide to Government of Canada Services for People with Disabilities Transportation and Travel Federal Gasoline Tax Refund Program If you can’t safely use public transportation because of a permanent disability, you can apply for a partial refund of the federal excise tax on gasoline you purchase. You must have a medical certificate confirming your disability. 
1 866 330-3304 
TTY: 1 800 665-0354

To get the forms you need, click on for People with Physical Disabilities a refund of Retail Sales Tax (RST) that you have paid is available on certain new or used licensed motor vehicles purchased or leased on a long-term basis (12 months or longer) for the purpose of transporting a person with a permanent physical disability. At the time the motor vehicle is bought and a refund application filed, the purchaser must be:

  • a person with a permanent physical disability who bought the vehicle for their own transportation
  • a member of the family or the same-sex partner of a person with a permanent physical disability
  • a principal caregiver, if the person with the permanent physical disability does not have a member of the family who is willing and able to provide transportation for that person, or
  • a religious, charitable or non-profit organization that purchased the vehicle to transport people with permanent physical disabilities.

ICBC Disability Discount

If you are 16 or older, own or lease a vehicle, and are “a person with disabilities,” you may qualify for a 25% discount on your Basic Auto plan.

Your vehicle must be rated for pleasure use, to and from work, business use or certain recreational or commercial uses.

You can only apply the Disability Discount to one vehicle.