Title: 2018 Dodge Caravan SE Plus Granite Rear Access Vehicle

Description: This 2018 Dodge Gr Caravan CVP + features the Sidewinder R.A.V. conversion. Our ramp is a manual spring-assisted fold-out ramp that means little to no maintenance and peace of mind. We design our tie down systems to be as easy as our ramp system. Each RAV comes with two self-retracting tie-downs, two front manual straps and lap/shoulder belts. All modifications are CMVSS & FMVSS compliant. Pictures may vary on this model.  

Make & Model:
Dodge Caravan CVP+

accessibility package:
Sidewinder R.A.V.


  • Door opening height up to 56"
  • Interior headroom = 57"
  • Width between 2nd row seats = 23.5"
  • Lowered floor section width = 31"
  • Vehicle ground clearance = 6"
  • Ramp angle = 14 degrees
  • Ramp width = 30"
  • Ramp length = 54"
  • Weight capacity = 1200lbs

price: $43,900

Stock Number: 1818-0009

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