Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts

Ricon Lifts



Ricon wheelchair lifts provide a reliable and personable product depending what suites your mobility need and vehicle specifications. Some options include the Clearway which is a split platform lift allowing a clear view from the vehicles interior when it is folded up. Klearvues are a unique folding platform that accommodate longer scooters and wheelchairs without requiring a raised roof or doors. S-Series lifts are an affordable light weight lift that includes the patented Sto-Loc assuring a quiet ride, and a patented interlock restraint belt that is a feature of the exclusive Ricon Safety Zone.

You can visit the official Ricon site here to learn more about the different products Ricon has to offer, or you could set up an appointment with one of Sidewinders sale staff to take a look around at the Ricon lifts in our showroom.

Bruno Liftsbruno

Over twenty-five years ago Bruno literally created the vehicle lift market. The concept that a wheelchair or scooter, let alone a four hundred pound power wheelchair, could be lifted and stowed into a vehicle was revolutionary! Today Bruno remains the world leader in vehicle lifts for the mobility marketplace. Over twenty different products to lift and stow your scooter, powerchair or manual folding wheelchair have been designed to interact with hundreds of vehicle types.

For more information on Bruno Lift products, see their website at http://www.bruno.com.