Hand Controls

Sidewinder Conversions carries a selection of hand controls, allowing for a more comfortable and relaxing drive.

Sure Grip Hand Control Systemsure-grip

The Sure Grip hand control system was specifically designed to give drivers the benefit of controlling a vehicle with both hands on the wheel making for a safer, smoother driving experience. Unlike other manual hand controls, the Sure Grip operating handle is in the vertical position. Accelerate by rocking back through an arcing motion the fingers and/or the palm. To apply the brakes, simply push forward. Click here to go to the official Sure Grip website

Not only is the Sure Grip easy to use, it requires minimal dash modifications; a more comfortable vertical handle gives a more natural arm and hand position, it requires virtually effortless limited hand strength which lessens driver fatigue and is aesthetically pleasing, (the black vinyl finish blends perfectly with most vehicle interiors).

Proper control means knowing when you will lose traction. Experience a faster, smoother response with Sure Grip’s superior “Wheel Feel” and light action

For more information about specific Hand Controls from Sure Grip, check out their website at http://www.suregrip-hvl.com.